Hispanaires - Spanish school in Buenos Aires

by Hispanaires
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Welcome to Hispan Aires Spanish School. At Hispan Aires you will be able to learn and practice Spanish during lessons and during cultural and social activities we offer every week in addition to the language course.

All classrooms are conveniently equipped so that you can enjoy your lessons day after day. Among school services, we offer WI FI connection in case you prefer to work or study in the school, check your e-mails, or simple stay with us during your free time after your language course. Hispan Aires invites you to have the best experience and immersion programs to learn Spanish while studying with us.

Do not miss the opportunity to study Spanish in other destinations and practice the language every time you meet locals. Our Spanish School location is very convenient and it is close to all of the most important city spots of Buenos Aires allowing you to walk around safe neighborhoods and to enjoy the most beautiful places in the city.

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