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You've come to the right place if you want to Learn Spanish Vocab quickly and easily.

Here are some common Spanish words for you to learn. See how well you can do.

after . . . después

again (one more time) . . . otra vez

again (over again) . . . de nuevo

all, everything . . . todo

almost . . . casi

also (as well) . . . también

also, besides, whats more . . . además de

always . . . siempre

before . . . antes de

big . . . grande

good . . . bueno

other, another . . . otro

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Do you find learning languages a slow and boring process?

Try this.

after. . . después

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Learn Spanish Vocab

Take the Spanish word for after - después ...
(... which sounds a little like DES PRESS or ESPRESSO ...), so ....

....imagine after each cup of coffee you see DES PRESS the ESPRESSO button.

Creating a trigger to link the foreign word to the English word and then visualizing a picture is a very effective technique used by memory experts. In fact, you can be up to five times more effective, and save valuable time, when you learn Spanish vocab in this way.

200 Words a Day! is a new and innovative vocab-building programme which incorporates these visualization techniques. Many of the cartoons are animated, many are silly and fun, helping you to learn Spanish vocab without the usual boredom setting in.

And ... you have your very own, individual learning schedule - kept up-to-date for you in one of six user databases. So, the whole family can learn, children have as much fun as adults. We have seen them become so preoccupied, they forget they're even learning. And then there's always the sibling rivalry to attain the highest scores to spur them on.

You will also be prompted with revision tests at regular intervals.

And you will have a running total of the number of Spanish words learnt. There are over 1000 words in the first course - or you can try a Mini Course of 500 words.

You will surprise even yourself with your recall powers!

To learn more about these courses, visit the link below.

Learn Spanish Vocab the 200 Words a Day! way.

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