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A port city on Spain’s southern Costa del Sol, Málaga, is a major travel destination in its own right as well as an access point to the rest of Andalusia. You can search on-line for tons of flight Malaga and you can go throw through all the results to get your cheap flight to Malaga. Its metropolitan area contains over a million individuals, and ranks as the fifth largest in the whole of Spain.

Malaga Holiday - the city and its environs

Geographically, the city is surrounded by mountains and two nearby rivers that flow into the Mediterranean Sea. The historic core of the city is located just behind the harbour and is surrounded by noteworthy quarters, El Perchel, La Trinidad, and Lagunillas. Serving the city and in a larger sense, the entire Costa del Sol, is Málaga Airport, an airport with flight connections to over 60 countries worldwide. An ever-growing amount of passengers pass through it, more than doubling from 6 million to around 12.6 million from 1995 to 2005.

Travelling to Málaga is but one option from this airport; having a hired car allows for flexibility in visiting Málaga itself as well as the many nearby attractions. A Malaga holiday will leave you both happy to have visited a place that is still genuine. Despite its status as a tourist destination, Málaga manages to maintain the genuine quality of a city still worked and lived in, as well as one richly steeped in history.

Malaga Holiday - the sites

Up until the 15th century the city was occupied by the Moors, and their mark remains in the form of the Alcazaba, the Arabic fortress built into the Gibralfaro Mountain from which it is possible to gaze across to the African coast. The fortress itself was built over Phoenician ruins, and the city also has traces from Greek and Roman activity in the area. Today, the fortress serves as an archaeological museum.

Other attractions include the Calle Alameda, containing one of the most highly regarded botanical collections on the continent. A very green and lively city, Málaga contains many characteristically wide avenues surrounded by parks. The most notable of these is the major avenue, the Paseo del Parque, which leads to the Plaza de Toros, the historic site of bullfights. On the way out of the city and the social high street of the town, the Calle Marques de Larios, full of cafés and shops, connecting the new port with the centre of the town.

Malaga Holiday - Home of Picasso

Undeniably the most well-known son of Málaga is Pablo Picasso, and his presence is still obvious to this very day. The man who was to be so pivotal in shaping Western Art was born and raised here, and the newest institution built in his name was founded in 2003, the Picasso Museum Málaga. His work is shown in a variety of other museums in the city, and additionally his birthplace on Plaza Merced has been transformed into an archive in his honour, open to the public at no cost of admission.

Gastronomy and your Malaga Holiday

Of course, culture extends far past architectural works and references to great artists, indeed the epicurean heritage of the town is worth mentioning. Restaurants, bars, cafés and other social locations offer food and drink to all levels of budget. Coffee is served in a dazzling array of varieties, and the Andalusian form of eating, Tapas, is readily available throughout the city, with a wide selection of little portions of different dishes making up an enjoyable eating experience. Additionally, there’s also the local dish pescaito frito, essentially a tasty melange of different fried fish and not to mention the local wine named after the city.

Malaga Holiday - a gateway to Andalusia

However, Andalusia is much more than this lovely city, the nearby Costa del Sol provides beautiful beaches and sangria, and the adjacent cities and eponymous provinces of Cádiz, the capital Sevilla, Córdoba, and Granada all provide a combination of historic flavour mixed with touristic accessibility. This is the land of the music and dance of Flamenco, the epic machismo of bullfighting, the Alhambra, and all sorts of intermingling of cultures that still continues to this very day.

At the same time it is also a tourist friendly area for more leisurely pursuits such as watersports and golf, or merely taking it easy on a beach or sipping a cool drink in a Plaza. Hiring a car from Málaga Airport provides a flexible means by which to not only discover this beautiful city, but also the entire region. In such a place of dense history and a myriad of different vistas, there is no way in which the tourist will be able to appreciate and discover everything even after dozens of trips here.

However, having an automobile at your disposal allows for you to make your owns tours beyond the established sites, let’s you make your own unique strides through this wonderful region.

Enjoy your Malaga Holiday...

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