Mallorca Holiday - things to experience, places to see...

Regarding your Mallorca Holiday, there is no shortage of options available- whether you are looking for a cheap hotel stay or you are searching for your dream get-away home, there's something for you on this beautiful Mediterranean island...

The first stop in your Mallorcan experience will most likely be Son Sant Joan Airport, 8km east of Palma de Mallorca,one of the busiest airports in Europe. Almost all of Europe’s budget airlines fly here, as the Mallorca holiday is a tradition in many countries such as Britain and Germany. It provides access to all of this popular island’s destinations, whether it is the capital Palma de Mallorca or the various resorts that populate the island.

Mallorca Holiday - Mass Tourism

Mass tourism is nothing new here in Mallorca, as it has since the 1950s welcomed thousands, luring them with a mix of sand, surf, and not to mention, good value for the money. While it has garnered an image as a type of cheap holiday destination, recent efforts have sought to bring it into a more sophisticated form of tourism while still drawing droves of tourists just looking for some fun in the sun.

Mallorca Holiday Accommodation

Between rented villas and the leanest of resorts, there is something here for the average traveller, and with the boundless amount of good weather here, it is available for year round visits.

Skirting Palma is a dense collection of resorts, often broken down into certain clusters of resorts favoured by specific nationalities; the British are most likely to shack up in the mega resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova, right on the Bay of Palma. At the peak of the tourist season, the popularity of the island unfortunately leaves not many rooms available for rent, so it is best to plan well in advance or to try to visit the island at another time, with Fall and Spring offering a nice compromise of good weather and a slower atmosphere.

Rural Holidays in Mallorca

Some people may enjoy the excitement of being in a place with so many others, and clearly Mallorca offers this in its rich nightlife scene, but there is also a natural beauty around which all of this touristic infrastructure clings, and of course the climate itself is the source of its development. Almond and olive trees in millions along with the requisite palms, spring up from a mountainous island, deep coves cut into its mass, and waterfalls are commonplace in its green interior as rustic as the coastal ring is developed.

Indeed, the notion that Mallorca is just an island of partying and sipping sangria on the beach is belied by the fact that 40% of the island is protected natural reserve. Touristic development of resorts often amounts to a mindlessly encroaching pattern of sprawl, is counterbalanced in Mallorca with strict protection of nature. The nature reserves of Sa Dragonera, Mondragó, and Albufera, are well worth a visit, and the tourism being developed within this sector is promising and sustainable. Apart from these reserves there are plenty of sleepy villages and romantic little spots in the mountainous interior. Your Mallorca holiday needn't be confined to just the terraces of a resort and the sand of a beach.

Palma de Mallorca Holiday

Palma itself is well worth a visit, with its lovely historic centre containing the Gothic magnificence of the Catedral de Palma. Like so many other Spanish cities, Palma has a rich tradition of multiple cultures interacting, and its lineage can be traced through Roman and Muslim rule, and its resulting re-Christianization. Mallorca can be discovered in many ways, whether on foot, on a bicycle, or most conveniently, by car. Most of the sites, including the interior are accessible by car and of course, a little bit of walking, and it is indeed easier to get to the natural reserves by car than by any other means.

Holidays in Mallorca and Car Hire

An introduction to the island is best experienced by car (especially if you have kids to wrangle!), allowing for you to drive past orchards, scenic mountains, hills of pine, medieval castles and watchtowers. When ever it strikes your fancy, you can stop and take a little hike into the interior or take one of the many side roads to the always nearby beach. On the North-East side of the island there is also an Auto-Safari which allows for you to take in some wildlife, both local and imported, at close range.Mallorca provides both the expected party-like atmosphere as well as natural beauty, that can be best experienced with the comfort and flexibility of a hired car.

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