Mary Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish

by Patricia Ryals
(Jackson MI)

This book was given to me by a group of Cuban friends when I lived in Miami in the 60's.

With this book and practicing what I was learning from the book, I was very fluent quickly. What I was able to say I could also read and write.

The main reason I liked her book was because it was based on the Castillian form of Spanish. My question to you is, does this still hold true or has she adapted a lot of different dialects into her newer editions? Please advise.

Thank you.

p. ryals

Editor's note: This book is based on South American/Latin American Spanish and does not include the vosotros form of 'you' (informal, plural) that is used in mainland Spain.

Therefore someone wishing to learn Spanish Spanish, that is Spanish spoken in Spain, will have to use other texts in association with this book, to fill in the vosotros conjugations. Nevertheless it is still an excellent book for all learners of Spanish language.

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