Spanish Currencies.
Las monedas de los distintos paises...

Learn the Spanish Currencies, their names & countries. May your pockets always be full of them!

If you plan a tour of South America for your holidays,
or for a session at a language school, remember to change your local currency to the currency of the country.

 Don't forget also that currencies are different for most
of the Spanish speaking countries so
you will have to be careful when you will change your money.

  This brief guide will teach you the names of the Spanish currencies
of Spanish speaking countries and prepare you
for your trip to Spain, or Latin America!

Argentina / el peso

Bolivia / el boliviano

Chile / el peso

Colombia / el peso

Costa rica / el colón

Cuba / el peso

Ecuador / el sucre

El salvador / el colón

Espana / el euro (used to be la peseta but now the euro)

Guatemala / el quetzal

Honduras / el lempira

Mexico / el peso

Nicaragua / el córdoba

Panama / el balboa

Paraguay / el guarani

Peru / el sol

Puerto rico / el dolar estadounidense

Republica dominicana / el peso

Uruguay / el peso

Venezuela / el bolivar  Universal Currency Converter®

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...and don't forget the US greenback as a tradeable currency.

A popularly tradeable currency of course, in many parts of Latin America is the US Dollar.

Try a few more Spanish currencies words on money and currency

money in Spanish is el dinero

Also commonly used in Latin America, as a familiar term for money is the word la plata which is Spanish for silver.

currency in Spanish is la moneda or el dinero.

paper money in Spanish is el billete or los billetes.

moneyed in Spanish is adinerado.

exchange in Spanish is el cambio, as in the place you change your currency.

change in Spanish is also el cambio, as in the coppers you get back once you've bought something.

travellers check in Spanish is el cheque de viaje or el cheque de viajero.

bank in Spanish is el banco.

Now you've learnt all the Spanish currencies & their names click here how to rapidly boost your Spanish vocab!

Building up a sound base of Spanish vocabulary will be useful for that Hispanic trip. May you have loads of Spanish currencies to spend!

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