A user-friendly, multi-modal, fun Spanish language course for you to learn spanish effectively.

Here's an excellent Spanish language course with many innovative features using proven memorization techniques, that will speed your Spanish vocab learning.

Are you someone:

- who is rushed for time?

- has an unreliable memory?

- wants to learn Spanish, or French, or German fast?

- finds many courses tedious to learn?

- wants to remember new vocabulary for longer?

Then, we have the answer for you in a revolutionary Spanish language course.

Take a look at this:

The Spanish word for to fail is fracasar....
... which sounds like FRACAS..., so ....

...imagine that a man tries but fails to stop the FRACAS Amongst the fighting boys.

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learn Spanish language


Imagine you have a whole list of words to learn, and let's face it, when language learning whether it be learning Spanish or any other language, you need to learn hundreds of words.

What could be easier than just looking at pictures and silly cartoons to help you learn them all?

With the help of our talented pool of artists and animators we have created thousands of unique pictures to help you make a memory connection between the English and Spanish words.

Over 1000 words in every course!

Every one of the Spanish words in this Spanish language course has:

a picture or a cartoon, and many of them are animations.

native speakers are recorded so you can hear pitch-perfect native pronunciation from life long speakers for whom this is the mother tongue.

a uniquely created memory trigger for each Spanish word that you want to learn and remember.

a Gender Memory jogger is provided for every noun. A girl in the cartoon, means the featured word is a feminine noun, a boy teaches and reminds you that it's masculine noun - so you'll learn the word's gender at the same time as memorizing the word. No more forgetting of whether it is 'el' or 'la'.

This Spanish language course really does work. And you can let the rest of your family join in, too!

To learn more about these techniques simply click on the link. The improvement in your recall powers, as incorporated in the 200 Words a Day Spanish language courses, will surprise even you!

Choose the 200 Words a Day! Spanish language course.

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