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Regarding rental car hire Tenerife Spain there are many advantages to having a car, but first let’s get to know the place you’ll be visiting a bit

Right off the Atlantic coast of Africa, Tenerife is one of seven major islands in the Canary Islands. Long known for its sunny attractiveness, and presided over by Spain’s highest peak, the 3,700m high volcano Mount Teide, it has developed into a major holiday destination suitable for year-round tourism.

With banana plantations and palm trees on the northern more lush and temperate half of the island, and a near desert-like aridness on the southern portion, Tenerife offers two completely different climates on just over 2000 square kilometers of land.

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To the North, Santa Cruz is both the capital of Tenerife and along with Las Palmas, the co-capital of the Canaries themselves. A bustling port with a gentle sub-tropical climate, it provides means by which the products of the Canaries - bananas, tobaco, tomatoes, etc. -can be exported.

Indeed while it retains its standing to this day as a major seaport, its maritime history is rich, full of naval battles being fought in its bay, where in 1797 Lord Nelson lost his arm to a cannon shot. The military museum of Santa Cruz provides apt documentation of this and other events, and is well worth a visit to understand the strategic importance placed on Tenerife, so conveniently located on the route between the Mediterranean and the Americas.

Moving on from the city, a bit southwest is the most developed touristic area of the North, Puerta de la Cruz, notable for its beautiful central Plaza del Charco, its plethora of resorts, and architectural diversity. Passing through the small municipality is the TF2 superhighway and another older highway that connects it to Santa Cruz.

Car hire Tenerife

However, it is the hot and dry south however, where most of the tourism is concentrated, centred mainly on the ever-growing developments around Playa de las Americas, and Los Cristianos. Playa de las Americas was built as a resort, providing access to sun, sea, and a massive array of bars and discos.

The beaches are decent and man-made with facilities for watersports and other entertainment. On the other hand, Los Cristianos is richer in history, with quaint vernacular Canarian architecture interspersed amongst the constructions of the tourist boom of the 70s and 80s.

It provides access to two main beaches, excursions for game fishing, whale and dolphin watching, along with a variety of different choices in accommodation for the tourist.

Tenerife airport car hire

In addition, it is in the south that the major airport operates, Reina Sofia International (Tenerife Sur), but service is also offered by Los Rodeos (Tenerife in the north. The entire island is connected by a ring-like toll-free highway that provides quick transportation to the major destinations on the island, linking both the north and the south. Car hire Tenerife allows for the full exploration of the island.

Along the way, in the south-east of the country, lies the town of Güímar with its mysterious pyramids that still to this day remain unexplained. The pyramids were researched extensively by the Norwegian adventurer/anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, and on-site there are several exhibitions devoted to him.

Car Rental Tenerife Spain

These are just a selection of sites that can be visited on Tenerife. Tenerife, while a relatively small island, offering both natural beauty with the comfort of resort amenities, can be better experienced with the comfort and convenience of a rental car. Car hire Tenerife is quick and convenient. The island has both local agents as well as international companies operating there with many pickup points offered in both the major airports, Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, as well as Los gigantes and Las Americas.

Problems with Hiring a car

Of course rental car hire Tenerife Spain can present a number of potential problems, and it is sometimes the case that you find yourself paying considerably more than you originally anticipated. The following paragraphs detail some of the more common pitfalls associated with renting car hire Tenerife.

Rental Car Hire Spain – Tenerife - things to watch for

Rental car hire Tenerife Spain can be difficult just as is the case in much of the rest of Spain. There are many things that you should be aware of so as not to get ripped off. As a rule of thumb, It is important to be mindful of these tricks in car hire Tenerife.

As it pertains to car hire Tenerife, many rental companies demand hiddenextras for many number of things, so you can end up paying a lot more than originally anticipated:

Amendments and Cancellations - Amending and/or cancelling your Rental Car Hire agreement generally comes at the expense of extra costs.

Airport Transfers - Before you travel and rent a car brush up on where the pick-up points are on the island… luckily there is a depot at the two main airports, so there will probably not be an extra cost for this type of transfers, nor the extra cost of taking a bus or a taxi.

Extra Drivers - Most rental car companies charge extra for each additional driver, but they vary on how much money they ask for this service. It is important to compare how much is being asked by each respective company, should you wish to share driving duties with another.

Thankfully however, some companies allow another driver at no added cost. Do your research ahead of time and you can save a bit of money in considering car hire tenerife.

Rental Car hire Tenerife Car Insurance - For each different rental company there are different degrees of insurance protection, and as is the case whenever renting anything, you’ve got to brush up and check out the fine print. Read over the provisions before you sign anything, ask questions such as does the insurance include rental car theft protection? You can often purchase different types of insurance packages in addition to the cost of the basic rental to suit your level of budget and comfort…

In picking out your best option for car hire tenerife, when considering car insurance be sure to ascertain the excess cover – this is the amount you are liable to pay in the event of an accident.

Full and Comprehensive Vehicle and Third Party Insurance provides cover without excess applied, including unlimited civil liability cover, damage to third parties, theft of the rental vehicle, court bail bond if this is applicable, and personal accident insurance for all of the occupants of the rental car.

Insurance Excess - vehicle Insurance Excess is most often from 200 euros to 600 euros.

Always wary of insurance fraud, in the event of an accident most rental car companies' insurance policies will not pay out without a police report to support the claim.

Payment for your Rental Car Hire Tenerife Spain - it is common practice for rental car companies to take a credit card imprint from which they might deduct any 'excess' in the event of an accident or theft. Of course, what constitutes ‘excess’ will vary from company to company, and on the insurance policy that you have taken out.

Mileage - in researching your car hire tenerife, one of the most important things is to establish whether there is a limit to the number of miles or kilometres that you can drive. Sometimes there are clearly stipulated limitations, for instance, the first 50 km free, with an additional charge for each additional kilometre driven thereafter.

Taxes for Rental Car Hire Tenerife, Spain - again hidden costs are everywhere, and sometimes there are additional taxes to be added to the cost of the car rental. While at some times prices listed are all inclusive, there are others where certain regions and municipalities might add additional imposts. Clarify what it is that you are actually going to pay in taxes.

Roadside Breakdown assistance - Make sure to check out that the car hire company has free round-the-clock breakdown cover and a 24 hour hot-line number. Ensure that this is part of your hire car deal, as it may very well save you lots of valuable time for your vacation and money.

Booster Seats and Child Seats - these can cost extra. If you need them for young children when getting your rental car hire Tenerife deal together definitely enquire first. Still, some companies provide these without additional charge, but increasingly more of the companies are demanding a supplemental charge of up to 4 euros per day of rental.

As a general rule, child seats are suitable for children aged from 1 to 3 years. Booster seats are generally suitable for children over 3 years of age. Obviously, inspect the child seats and booster seats and make sure they are manufactured to approved European standards, before signing anything.

Days and Hours of Opening - rental car hire Tenerife Spain - some companies have limited hours. However, major companies in a major tourist destination such as Tenerife are more likely to have 24 hour coverage, and the ability for drop-off and pick-up at any time, from a variety of different places. Fuel - Get to know the rental car company’sfuel policy. These vary between companies.

Full Tank System: Many provide you with a car containingfull tank of petrol, and demand that you return with the tank full. The vehicle’s inspected at the completion of your rental period, and the fuel level checked. If you return it "not-quite-full" it will be filled at your own expense, you are likely to be charged not only for the petrol, but also for their inconvenience with a heavy surcharge. Needless to say, it is the smart in these situations to ensure you tank up before you return the car.Also, be sure to use the correct fuel, particularly if you have hired a diesel car. It is very important to know from the outset what your car demands in way of fuel, diesel is often a cheap alternative but it must be used only for diesel cars. Likewise, diesel cars do not run on petrol, and putting petrol in will incur payments for damages.

- Empty Tank System: Less common is the practice of certain companies, giving you a car with a full tank and ask you to return it empty. This is also a system that can rip you off, for you will have paid for a full tank of fuel, but the more fuel you return the car with to the rental agency, the more that represents a loss to you... Make sure to spend every last drop…

...but keep in mind that if you drive your rental car too close to 'empty' for too long you could find yourself not driving at all.

However, theadvantage of this scheme is that it lets you be more flexible – you can come in to the depot at the 'last minute', without the wasted time of finding a service station on the way back to your Tenerife drop-off point.

Lost Car Keys - Losing keys is always a costly nuisance, but it’s even more expensive and inconveniencing when it comes to your Tenerife car hire. Charges are quite high, up to 100 and 150 euros, so keep your keys always safely at hand.

Windscreen damage and car damage - As mentioned above, damage coverage is dependent on the nature of the insurance policy you’ve taken out with your rental car. Windscreen damage is not necessarily included in the insurance deal, so take a close look before agreeing to anything. If your windscreen gets damaged, it may end up being you who foots the bill…

Flat Tyres - Tyre damage and replacement is generally at the expense of the hirer with most of the damage caused to tires having to do with the driver taking the vehicle off of main tarsealed roads and onto more rugged inland roads.

Fines - Any tickets given for speeding, parking infractions, and any other traffic violation are at the cost of the car driver and not the rental company. These tickets can be quite significant in tourist areas like Tenerife, so be careful so you don’t end up paying them.

Drivers Licence - You will need a valid driver’s licence from a country recognized by the rental company; make sure you check what driving licences your rental car company takes. For the most part they will accept a full licence from any of the countries of the European Union.

Age of Drivers - A lot of companies will not rent a car to drivers under the age of 21, and many require the drivers to be at least 23. Stipulations will also be set forward requiring that the driver has held a full driver’s license, for a minimum number of years (e.g.1 or 2 years).

Booking Cancellations and Amendments - Any modification of your booking usually requires a surcharge. A small number of companies will not charge any additional cost, but most will, principally if the cancellation is close to date the vehicle is to be hired out on.

Paying for your Rental Car Hire Tenerife - Of course make sure you find out what forms of payment your rental car company will accept. Most accept credit cards, but some will not accept cash! Check before you go!

Tenerife Driving

It is very important to remember to drive on the right hand side of the road, Tenerife while a very special place is part of Spain after all.

In Tenerife the car horn is used more often than in some other countries. For instance, get used to being 'honked at' when you are at the traffic lights. When the lights turn green in Tenerife like many other parts of Spain, cars behind you will often beep at you to let you know that there is a green light. While this may strike you as annoying and pushy, don't take this as an insult or unwanted pressure. Really it is a friendly prompt from your fellow drivers, who are letting you know, just in case you have become distracted or sleepy, that the light is green and you can move on/get out of their way.

Enjoy your car hire tenerife

Enjoy your trip to Tenerife even more by learning a few Spanish tips and phrases before you go. For speedy acquisition of Spanish language vocabulary, (including handy vocabulary for car hire Tenerife!) check out the 200 Words a Day accelerated learning system.

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