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Your Tenerife Holiday

Right off the Atlantic coast of Africa, Tenerife along with Lanzarote is the most well-known of the seven major islands that make up the Canary Islands. Long known for its sunny charm, and punctuated by Spain’s highest peak, the 3700 meter high volcano Mount Teide, it has evolved into a major holiday hot spot, always warm enough for year-round tourism. Banana plantations and copses of palm trees on the northerly humid and temperate side of the island, compliment the southern portion which is characterized by intense aridness and sun. Indeed, Tenerife offers a beautiful contrast of climates on a little over 2000 square kilometers of land.

Holidays in Tenerife - the North

Santa Cruz, which lies on the northern point of the island, is both the capital of Tenerife and along with Las Palmas, the co-capital of the entire Canaries Islands. A lively and bustling port with a mild sub-tropical climate, it is the entrance point for foreign imports, as well as the departure point for the products of the Canaries - tomatoes, bananas, tobaco, etc.. Throughout history an important city, it still retains its standing to this day as a major seaport. Truly, its maritime history is rich, replete with naval battles being fought in its bay, indeed it is the place where in 1797 Lord Nelson lost his arm to cannon fire. The military museum of Santa Cruz documents this particular occurence as well as many other events. It is well worth a visit to understand the strategic importance placed on Tenerife, and its valuable position on the route between the Mediterranean and the Americas. Still remaining in the north but moving on from Santa Cruz, a bit southwest is the most touristically developed area on this side of the island, Puerta de la Cruz, known for its Plaza del Charco, its wonderful central square, its host of resorts, and architectural variety. Threading through this little municipality is the new TF2 superhighway, it and other older highways connect it to Santa Cruz...

Tenerife Holiday - the South

However when people think of holidays in Tenerife, they are often thinking of the south - hot and dry -, where tourism is most densely concentrated. This tourism is centred mainly on the forever growing property development around Playa de las Americas, and Los Cristianos. In its construction, Playa de las Americas was purpose-built as a resort, allowing the visitor full access to sun, sea, and an array of night-spots. Around this area there are wonderful beaches with facilities for watersports and other entertainment. Compared to Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos has more history, with clusters of traditional Canarian architecture between the modern constructions of the tourist boom of the 1970-80s. Two main beaches, excursions for game fishing, whale and dolphin watching, along with a variety of different choices in accommodation for the tourist, is available from Los Cristianos.

Tenerife Holiday- Transportation

The south is also where the major aiport, Reina Sofia International (Tenerife Sur), operates, with some service also available in the north from Los Rodeos (Tenerife Nord). Conveniently, the entire island is connected by a ring of good highways that are toll-free,providing quick travel to the major destinations on the island, allowing for you the traveller to experience both the climates of the north and the south. A very special and mysterious place to visit lies in the south-east of the country, the town of Güímar with its enigmatic pyramids that still to this day remain unexplained. The pyramids were researched extensively by the Norwegian adventurer/anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, and on this very site there are several exhibitions devoted to him and his life and work.

Above, are just a few sites that can be visited on Tenerife. When planning your holidays in Tenerife, keep in mind the manner in which you would like to experience the island. Tenerife is a comparably small island that offers both natural beauty with the comfort of its many resorts. Though not that large and with decent public transport, the island can be better experienced with the comfort and convenience of a rental car. The island has both local and international rental companies available, with many pickup points offered in both the major airports, and in such towns as Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, as well as Los gigantes and Las Americas, to name just a few.

Good luck with your Tenerife Holiday!

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