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Belize radio

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Integrity Radio
This local radio transmits 24 hours a day, Christian music hits in the capital Belize City.

Click here to visit the Integrity radio web site

Local radio

Click here to visit the KREM radio web site

Love FM
On this radio you can listen to the news are programs regarding classical or 60’s and 70’s music as well as Belizean music and culture.

Click here to visit the Love FM radio web site

Belize Mix
Radio Belizemix is your 24-7 internet COMMUNITY radio base in Los Angeles, with a variety of music including Reggae, Soca, Punta, Paranda, Easy Listening, R&B, Alternative, Jazz, Hits and more.

Click here to visit the Belize Mix radio web site

My Refuge Christian Radio
Christian radio

Click here to visit the My Refuge Christian Radio web site

Radio Emanuel
This is a Christian radio which claims that “Jesus Christ, is the One who did not succumb to the most extreme temptation, is Lord of all.”

Click here to visit the Radio Emanuel web site

Wave Radio
This musical and local radio is the “station that plays the hits”.

Click here to visit the Wave Radio web site

Click here to discover Spanish magazine now that you have learnt more about Belize radio

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Belize Radio
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