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Colombia radios

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Colorín Color Radio
A peculiar radio which is made especially for children and which programs tend to make them feel tranquillity, peace, happiness though special songs, tales or information about “their world”.

Click here to visit the Colorín Color Radio radio web site.

La Vallenata
Discover all the best Colombian hits from today and always by listening to this radio.

Click here to visit the La Vallenata radio web site

La Z92
Listen to all the best Latin music such as salsa, merengue or cross over.

Click here to visit the La Z92 radio web site

Los 40 Principales
A popular general-interested radio.

Click here to visit the Los 40 Principales radio web site

Latina Stereo
A musical radio dedicated to Latin music and especially salsa.

Click here to visit the Latina Stereo radio web site

A musical radio dedicated to rock music.

Click here to visit the Radioactiva web site

Radio Cadena Nacional RCN
Listen to all the classical Jazz and Soul hits from the 60's to the 90’s as well as typical Brazilian and Spanish music and information on cinema.

Click here to visit the RadioCadena Nacional RCN radio web site

Radio Caracol Colombia
Sophisticated programming with music in English and Spanish, which has turned Caracol Estereo into one of the most talk-about stations in Colombia

Click here to visit the Radio Caracol Colombia web site radio

This is a local radio which aim is to provide quality information and promote the regional arts and culture.

Click here to visit the Radio Sur web site

Super Estación
A young-oriented musical radio.

Click here to visit the Super Estación radio web site

Tropicana Stereo
Here again you can improve your knowledge in Latin Music such as Salsa, merengue, vallenato, cumbia and many more!

Click here to visit the Tropicana Stereo radio web site

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Colombia Radio
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