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Cuba radio

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Radio Ciudad del Mar
A local radio from the city of Cienfuegos which programs deals with local and national information.

Click here to visit the Radio Ciudad del Mar web site

Radio Cadena Agramonte
This local radio from the Camagüey area mostly deals with local national and international news in Spanish and English. But you can also listen to entertaining programs for adults and young people as well as typical rural music.

Click here to visit the Radio Cadena Agramonte web site

Radio Habana Cuba
The programs of this radio are mainly composed of information. From the local to the international news every major events is broadcasted by Radio Habana Cuba.In addition the radio promotes the social, economy and political panorama of Cuba.Furthermore, this radio offers you 30 hours of programs broadcasted in 9 different languages including the Esperanto!!!

Click here to visit the Radio Habana Cuba web site

Radio Guamá
A pro-Cuban radio that mostly deals with information.

Click here to visit the Radio Guamá web site

Radio Progreso
Listen to news bulletin, opinions and comments among the latest news and daily headlines. To sum up all the information you need on this Cuba radio.

Click here to visit the Radio Progreso web site

Radio Rebelde
All you have to know about the national and international headlines, as well as all the sporting events.

Click here to visit the Radio Rebelde web site

Radio Sancti Spiritus
This informative radio broadcasts the most dramatic events of the economic, political and social events occurring in the Cuban territory.

Click here to visit the Radio Sancti Spiritus web site

Radio reloj
The programs of this peculiar radio only deal with information. It is ruled by a peculiar “tic tac” sound (like the sound made by a watch) that appears in every program.Moreover, like many of the other Cuban radio, Radio reloj tries to promote the Cuban culture and identity throughout its programs.

Click here to visit the Radio reloj web site

Radio Taino
A local musical radio Station from Holguin state.

Click here to visit the Radio Taino web site

Radio enciclopedia
The main interest of listening to this peculiar radio is that the programs are mostly based on nature, science, technical matters, and lots of other themes.

Click here to visit the Radio enciclopedia web site

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Cuba Radio
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