Flight in Spanish - el vuelo...

The word for flight in Spanish is el vuelo. The verb 'to fly' is volar. In this mini Spanish vocabulary lesson you will learn some Spanish words about flight, flying and travel that you will find useful as holiday phrases.

Useful phrases about flying in Spanish

It's a three hour flight is:
son tres horas de vuelo.
This literally means 'it is three hours of flight.'

Flight companion, travelling partner is:
compañero or compañera de vuelo.
Literally a companion of flight.

Did you have a good flight (formal):
¿Ha tenido un buen vuelo?

More useful words about flying in Spanish

an aeroplane: un avion.

to be delayed: retrasar

The plane was delayed because of the storm:
El avion llegó con retraso debido a la tormenta.

flying: volando
charter flight: vuelo chárter
spaceflight: vuelo espacial
international flight: vuelo internacional
scheduled flight: vuelo regular
discount flight: vuelo a precio reducido, o vuelo con descuento

Hopefully some of these words will come in handy on your flight to Spain or to that Spanish speaking destination.

Buen viaje! Have a good flight in Spanish

So buen viaje! Have a good flight. At the end of which someone might ask you:
Como estuvo el viaje? which is:
'How was the flight?' as said in Spanish.

Now that you know the word for flight in Spanish, here's how to say 'good-bye' in Spanish.

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