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If you are trying to find a whole bunch of free lessons for learning Spanish then you have come to the right place.

This website has loads of free lessons on Spanish grammar, vocabulary, colours in Spanish, words and phrases, expressions, adverbs, adjectives and such like.

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Word a Day

Here's a free LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH lesson with a bunch of useful common words that you should know.

he . . . prn. él

hello! . . . exc. ¡hola!

here (static) . . . adv. aquí

how? . . . q. ¿cómo?

I . . . prn. yo

if . . . conj. si

in, on . . . prep. en

just, only . . . adv. sólo

no, not . . . adv. no

or . . . conj. o

out, outside . . . adv. fuera

us . . . prn. nos

we . . . prn. nosotros

you (formal) . . . prn. usted

you (informal plural) . . . prn. vosotros

you (informal singular) . . . prn.

Now answer this question.

What is the most effective way to learn foreign language vocabulary?

How many words can you normally learn in a day?

Traditional teaching methods suggest that about 30 new words a day is all that most students can manage.

But new techniques can improve on this from 5 to tenfold.

The methodology is quite simple -- and anyone can do it.

Try this:

Memory gurus, who can memorise 40 decks of shuffled cards, have given us the secrets to rapid learning and super-effective memorising.

They say that the way to memorise foreign words is to visualise them in a crazy, silly, off-the-wall, zany scene!

So let's take, for example the word in Spanish for blister which is AMPOLLA....
(... which actually is pronounced like UM-POYA...), so ....

....imagine a girl with a blister wants to UM POUR YA beer over it!

blister. . . AMPOLLA

© exceltra

Having a cartoon it makes it even simpler still... because you don't even need to visualise the goofy scene.

A cartoon does it for you.

It takes all the work out of having to shoot the mental movie and having a picture means that your mind never forgets a picture...

Click on the link to learn more about these easy, fun and innovative techniques and about learning Spanish at 200 Words a Day!

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