Learn Spanish in Tenerife

Three Language Schools where you can learn Spanish in Tenerife. Spanish sun, study and surf

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, near Morocco, the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands is made up of 7 main islands, the most important of which is the island of Ténérife.

The volcanic island of Tenerife is well known for his various landscapes and paradise-like beaches.

Learning Spanish in Tenerife is a great opportunity for you to relax and speak with local people through markets and parties.

To learn spanish in Tenerife, you should choose a good language school and follow a good plan.

You need to combine:

  • grab hold of an efficient Spanish vocabulary teaching and learning system, (with modern cutting edge pc-based methods you can learn Spanish at over 200 words a day. Having a large vocabulary broadens out your language base and gives you lots of parts of the learning Spanish jigsaw puzzle.

    You can build a solid vocab base before going to your language school, so that you can arrive with a good base knowledge.

  • take a good course at a Spanish language school in a Spanish country, with a reputable teacher with whom you can practice and converse.

    We have listed 3 such language schools in Tenerife.

    Learn Spanish

  • learn a little bit of basic grammar & get to figure out how to form (conjugate) verbs in Spanish (see the verb lessons on the side menu).

    Initially however, do not get too stressed out about being perfect at grammar,it will come with practise, conversing and listening..

  • learn to make phrases...., use them and make errors .

    The more slip-ups that you make, the more you can improve, by getting the mistakes corrected by your teacher or local speakers.

    Enjoy the experience of total immersion language learning on a sunny Spanish speaking island.

    Learn Spanish in Tenerife!

    Live and Learn Spanish in Tenerife

    FORMACIÓN FU, S.L.- Tenerife

    Islas Canarias+34-922-389303

    Don Quijote Language school- Tenerife

    The Don Quijote Language School - Tenerife is part of the eight school chain with sister schools in other parts of Spain and Latin America. They have schools in Madrid, Granada, Tenerife, Mexico, Salamanca, Sevilla, and Valencia.

    You can actually do your course in one city, then transfer to another city for other parts of the course, or for the next course, this way getting to see much more of Spain than if you just studied in one place.

    Spanorama Institute - Tenerife


    So while you can learn Spanish in Tenerife, you can also try other Spanish schools in other parts of Spain including such cities as:

    One of the advantages for the student wishing to learn Spanish in Tenerife is of course the weather, which is warm and balmy virtually all year around.

    The Spanish spoken there is very similar to that of Southern Spain and Latin America, where the letter 'c' is never pronounced 'th' as in most of Mainland Spain.

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    Learn Spanish in Tenerife
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