22 Words about the Bathroom in Spanish. Scrub up your vocabulary.

Here's a free list of words relating the bathroom in Spanish.

Do you want to say bathroom in Spanish. Or do you want to know the Spanish for a bunch of bathroom words and phrases.

Check out the list of words about the bathroom, in this free online Spanish lesson.

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So how do you say brush in Spanish?
How do you say electric shaver in Spanish?
What is the Spanish for toothbrush?
What is the Spanish for soap?
What is the Spanish for shower?
What is the Spanish for shave?

All the answers are here.

bath in Spanish language is el baño

bathroom the Spanish word is el cuarto de baño

brush in Spanish is el cepillo

comb the Spanish word is el peine

electric shaver, electric razor - the word in Spanish is la máquina de afeitar

make-up in Spanish conversation is - el maquillaje

mirror in Spanish is said el espejo

perfume in Spanish language is el perfume

scissors, nail scissors the Spanish word is las tijeras

shampoo in Spanish is el champú

shower the Spanish word is la ducha

soap - the word in Spanish is el jabón

to bathe in Spanish conversation is - bañarse

to brush (eg hair, teeth) in Spanish is said cepillar

to shave in Spanish language is afeitarse

to shower the Spanish word is ducharse

to wash in Spanish is lavar

toilet the Spanish word is el inodoro

toilet paper - the word in Spanish is el papel higiénico

toothbrush in Spanish conversation is - el cepillo de dientes

towel, bath towel in Spanish is said la toalla

washbasin in Spanish language is el lavabo

Learning Spanish is a long, interesting journey and there is a huge amount of vocabulary to learn.

The more Spanish vocabulary you can learn rapidly, the easier your task of learning Spanish will be.

The best way to learn Spanish vocab is by having a little memory trigger to remind you of each word. A memory trigger is a mental hook that reminds you something about the word or thing you want to remember, and is like a a tag on a filing cabinet.

Initially you may need a memory trigger, but once you have put the word, or phrase into use a few times, the memory trigger no longer is necessary.

Building your vocab, language skills and fluency is a matter of practice, practice, practice.

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